Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Painting: Silent Sail

8 x 10 oil on stretched canvas

From time to time I share my paintings here on this site (to see more, check out my other blog here).  Of course in order to post a painting, I actually have to paint - which I have barely done since well before Freja was born.  Last week I got to sit down for bit and paint (thank you Dave).  Naturally, after nearly a year of very little painting, I decided to start in with something very different.  While sailboats are a normal subject matter for me, I seldom paint using a palette knife.  I find painting with a knife very freeing since the colors and general shapes are much more important then what you're actually painting.  This painting was actually inspired by a painting Hadley did recently using similar colors and a series of triangles. 

Painting for me is a completely absorbing experience.  It's is a chance to fully immerse myself in what I'm doing (unlike mothering, where even when I am actively engaged with children, I'm usually outnumbered and keeping track of several different things at the same time.  I am really hoping to get back to a little more painting shortly!


  1. So lovely to have a bit of time for the things you love just for your own sake!

  2. Love the painting, and how nice to have some time to do it. Hope it happens again soon.


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