Thursday, May 10, 2012


I have never been one to dress my twins alike (with the exception of a few onesie outfits when they were tiny), but recently they've been requesting matching outfits. That sounded like the perfect excuse to make a few new bits of clothing for summer playtime.  Finley was in need of some shorts, so I made some basic shorts and a skirt using some of their current clothes as a guide.  There are a few more cut out pieces sitting next to the sewing machine ready for a spare moment; however most of our time these days are spent outside with our hands and toes in the soil, so the sewing machine will have to wait.

To speak honestly, I find the twins relationship at times completely amazing, challenging, and complicated.  At one moment they are engaged in a huge battle of wills only to be followed moments later by a hug and a snuggle.  And despite their natural competitive nature, they almost never choose to be separated.  Having shared the same space since before they were born, they are more likely to use the word 'we' then the word 'I.'  And yet, they are such individuals, such unique little people, that once in a while a little matching is just right.

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