Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The last few days have been one of those amazing weekends where we arrive home, sweaty, dirty, and completely exhausted - pretty much the sign of a great time.  We spent the weekend at a wedding celebration in Vermont at the Mountain Meadows Lodge, in an idyllic setting, with wonderful people, and amazing weather.  Not only does the Appalachian trail pass through the property, but the lodge has pond, and some goats, sheep, a pony, and a very silly looking pig - Alice.

With the demands of work, home, and little kids, it is not all that often that we can gather all together with so many old friends for such a long time - 3 whole days!  And now every year there are new friends and babies added to the group.  The whole weekend was spent doing everything and nothing: hiking, running, swimming, sleeping in a tent (some for the first time), kicking a ball around, sitting and chatting with friends, enjoying a bonfire, dancing, and of course sharing that special moment with friends when they share their own vows. 

Today, back at my own home, I am collecting myself, assessing the to do list for the week, sweating in the humid heat, and still living off that high from the weekend.  Happy week!


  1. Love the pics, so much happiness in all of them :)

  2. I'm really happy Ellie shared this link with us.
    Roy (father of the bride)


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