Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garden Musings

 Hopefully we've passed our final frost this year, and we've been busily getting.seeds planted and seedlings in the ground.  At this point our time in the garden is shifting from planting to weeding.  We have a serious horsetail weed intrusion everywhere and seem to need to work overtime to keep it under control - that stuff grows fast.  We've discovered that the chickens will eat horsetail, so we keep shifting their home around to take advantage of this dietary benefit, however the chickens also enjoy our new seedlings, so aren't much help in the garden.  I have been convincing Hadley and Fin to make 'horsetail soup' to encourage little hand weeding.

Our bee/butterfly/bird garden is slowly taking shape with some perennials, lots of seeds, and some transplants from my mom's garden in Maine.  Despite the digging I did and the paper/cardboard I lay down, the horsetail is again at work here, so there is daily weeding taking place.

Luckily we've been enjoying a mixture of warm sunny days interspersed with some rain.  Perfect weather for making things grow!


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