Monday, May 21, 2012

Bee Update

Turns out the bees really love chive flowers.  When we first got the bees, we expected to see them around the yard visiting the flowers, but they seemed to be flying off over the tree and into the woods (possibly to visit the honeysuckle there, or a a neighboring field).  Recently, however, they have been clustering over the multitude of chive flowers in the yard, and seem to be exploring some of the flowers closer to home.  Our bee/butterfly/bird garden is still in progress, but I'm thinking I may need to move some chive plants over there.  With the increase of bees in the yard, we've been busy watching them work, and I've managed to get stung - although I did accidentally smoosh the bee with my arm. 

Dave's been into the hive several times to check the bees and look for the queen.  Unfortunately, we waited too long to put in the final frame, and the bees started drawing comb off the frame to fill the space (see photo above).  There are two frames that look like this.   We're unsure whether to leave the frames this way, scrape off the comb, or change out the frame, but for the time we've left it as is.  It is making it a bit hard to find the queen amidst the bees and extra comb, and making us think that perhaps we should have marked the queen.  While we haven't found the queen, we've seen lots of eggs, so we know that somewhere she is busy laying, and has made friends with the other bees.

So far so good.


  1. I'm with the bees. I LOVE chive flowers. They really might be one of my favorite flowers, even though they aren't usually considered ornamental.

    1. I agree - so lovely and with the added bonus of being one of the first green things out in the garden!

  2. I can't believe you have chive flowers already, how wonderful!! And your bees looks amazing. I had a lovely chat with a bee keeper at the market this weekend, she is going to get us all set up for next year!!!!

  3. I can't believe the chive flowers are so plentiful this year. So exciting that you'll be trying bees next year!


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