Wednesday, May 9, 2012

77 SimpleThings To do With Baby

Freja is a busy girl these days.  At 8 months, she is on the move, hands reaching for whatever she can get, trying to keep up with her older siblings.  With the 3rd child (especially an easy going 3rd child), it is easy to get caught up in the daily shuffle, the naps, the grocery store, the gardening, the meals, etc, and forget to savor those moments that are all about baby. This week I'm finding a little extra time to focus on Freja and share some of the things we love to do together.

Here are 77, marvelous, simple, wonderful things for you to do with baby:

These activities are meant to be done with baby - and of course should be supervised)

  1. Roll a large ball to baby
  2. Play peek-a-boo
  3. Mimic baby's sounds and motions
  4. Kiss baby all over
  5. Put baby down in the grass 
  6. Hold baby's fingers while he/she walks or stands
  7. Play airplane with baby on your knees.
  8. Give baby something that shakes, and play along to some music
  9. Take off their shoes and socks and dip babies feet in water (bath, pool, sink, pond, ocean)
  10. Help baby clap their hands together
  11. Do the bicycle with baby's legs
  12. Take a walk and let baby touch as many things as you can find with different textures (bark, leaves, rocks, etc)
  13. Let baby food paint (give baby mooshy foods and let her go at it)
  14. Bounce baby on your lap and sing songs
  15. Play patty-cake
  16.  Build a tower (with blocks, or stuffed animals, or board books) and let baby knock it down
  17. Get a rope/string and give baby one end - play a gentle tug-of-war
  18. Tickle baby with your hair
  19. Read a book to baby
  20. Hold baby up to a window - the idea of something hard that is see-through is very funny
  21. Dance with baby
  22. Dance for baby, or jump, or just run around and be silly
  23. Do an exaggerated sneeze
  24. Play peek-a-boo through something (look through a box, cut a hole in paper, etc)
  25. Bang on something with your hands (table, box, floor)
  26. Tickle baby
  27. Take off babies socks and put their feet in the warm soil (or sand)
  28. Give baby a bath for fun (let baby play as long as they want) or take a bath with baby
  29. Push baby in a swing
  30. Slide baby down a slide
  31. Play 'This Little Piggy'
  32. Touch parts of babies body and say each part out loud
  33. Make funny noises - click your tongue, blow your lips, etc
  34. Take baby outside and let her smell things - the trees, the flowers, etc
  35. Take baby outside in a warm rain
  36. Take baby to a place with animals (a pet store, farm, your backyard) let them watch the animals
  37. Spin a top - let baby stop it
  38. Blow bubbles for baby
  39. Play hide-and-seek babystyle - put a toy under something and let baby find it
  40. Help baby with the song head-shoulders-knees-toes
  41. Sing and do finger plays 
  42. Blow raspberries on baby's body
  43. Hold baby upside down for a moment
  44. Let baby look in the mirror
  45. Put a light blanket over baby and pull it off
  46. Put a light blanket over both of you, make a tent and giggle
  47. Let baby turn on and off the lights
  48. Give baby something sticky (post it note, etc - just don't let them put it in their mouth)
  49. Give baby a large ice cube (don't let them put it in their mouth, just let them feel the sensation of cold)
  50. Find a bug and point it out to baby
  51. Put a bit of uncooked rice on the highchair tray and let them play 
  52. Give baby a massage
  53. Make mistakes - walk into walls, fall down, put shoes on your hands
  54. Look at photos of people you know
  55. Create a baby obstacle course with pillows and blankets
  56. Play the game 'how big is baby'
  57. Show baby how to wave - at everything
  58. Get out the spices and let baby smell
  59. Fill up a container and let baby dump it out
  60. Put a blanket over your head and let baby pull it off
  61. Make funny faces
  62. Dangle toys over baby's head and let them reach for them
  63. Blow on baby
  64. Take baby outside in the snow
  65. Clap babies feet together
  66. Using a clean, soft brush (unused makeup brush, paintbrush, etc) run the brush over baby's skin
  67. Give baby a little bit of water on a cookie sheet or other large flat thing and let them splash
  68. Tie something to a string and let baby pull it to himself/herself
  69. For a special treat, after baby falls asleep, hold her/him, rock them or lie next to them (ok this is a treat for Mom or Dad)
  70. Count the baby's toes and fingers
  71. Trace baby's body with your fingers
  72. Play chase - carry baby and slowly chase someone
  73. Go through the house looking for someone - where's Daddy?  Where's teddy?
  74. Make all the animal sounds you can (or better yet - act out the different animals)
  75. Duck behind something, pop out and call baby's name, when baby looks at you, duck back down
  76. Laugh with baby, show baby you think he/she is funny
  77. Play airplane with babies food - just for fun
 What are some favorite activities you like playing with the babies in your life?


  1. what a great list! Can we go back in time and you can give me this before my first daughter was born:) I'm going to pass this on the my friends expecting their first little ones. This would be a great thing to print on pretty paper and give with a baby shower gift! Thanks! Brooke


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