Thursday, April 26, 2012

Waiting (impatiently)

Yesterday found me waiting - something I am not particularly gifted at.  I was waiting for dirt to arrive, waiting for bees to arrive, waiting for blackberries and blueberry bushes to arrive, waiting for our sweet potatoes to arrive, and waiting just a few more days until the average last frost passes and I can get a little more planted outside.  Right now there are so many partially completed projects around our home, a half removed chain-link fence, a huge pile of brush that needs moving, a whole forest area that needs clearing, a new fence that needs installing, etc, etc.  As usual this long list coupled with the waiting either drives me into action, or gets me dreaming up the next project.

Thus the frequent visits to Craigslist over the last few days to see if anyone wants to give me a goat or a few sheep, or any animal for that matter, or perhaps erect a barn behind my house for free- you never know!  Never mind that the reason the to-do list got so long is because I'm always ready to start the next project before the past ones finished. 

All this is to say that things truly are happening here, despite the waiting, and the multiple projects at the same time, and the mess that is our yard at the moment.  I can't wait to share more soon, for now, it is off to shovel the newly arrived soil!


  1. I dislike waiting too, once I decide something needs to be done, I want it done :) My hubby, though not so much, so I wait, impatiently to :)

    Have fun moving the soil, we will be doing that over the next few days too!

  2. I actually like moving soil. It is action and I like the action. I am really not good at being still.


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