Thursday, April 5, 2012

Play Stand

A few months ago, we added this play stand to our play space.  We made the stand based on the book Toymaking With Children by Freya Jaffke which has been a favorite around here lately.  In her book she claims that no playroom should be without a stand (or two).  With this in mind, we got ourselves some wood and put together the stand based on her design.

I must say that it is a big hit.  It's been used as a store, a puppet show, a farm area, a stuffed animal bed, and so much more.  I also made several large play clothes that can be used with it for curtains, or covers, or a pond, etc.  It seems to be a central element in our playspace and barely a day goes by when it is not in use.  Ah, open ended, creative play, what could be better!


  1. Love it!! I have been after my hubby to make a few playstands, I will have to nudge him again :)

    And I just picked up this book, and it is great!

  2. We got the wood to make two, but are still deciding whether we have space. The one is a little tippy on our carpets, especially with the baby around, so we may add 'feet'


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