Monday, April 23, 2012

Garden Musings: Roots

For so many years, Dave and I were nomadic people.  We worked onboard tall ships running educational/science programs.  We lived from contract to contract, coast to coast, and kept everything we needed in my Subaru.  There was of course a year in Boulder, followed by a few in North Carolina where we started to settle a bit, but then it was off to Upstate NY for a year and France for 6 months.  Today as I look around our home, yard and gardens, I can see a shift in lifestyle taking place. In the last 15 months, we've started to settle, not necessarily for ever, but with no immediate plans to move.  We've planted trees and bushes and plants that don't produce in the first year, or in some cases even the second or third. 

It has been so rewarding this spring to see these plants come alive.  I was beyond excited when the asparagus started popping up, and we keep giggling at the leaves on the fruit trees and raspberries and the dark green leaves of the strawberry plants.  Right now our favorite end of the day activity is to walk the yard, comment on the days growth, plan what's going into the soil next, and where we might dig up soon.  Of course it's not all perfect.  There is a LOT of the weed horsetail growing everywhere, and the grass in our yard looks awful.

This week we've planted lettuce, cabbage, onions, and carrots and have nourished out leeks, tomatoes, and ground cherries inside.  The herb garden is filling in, the chives are growing faster then Finley can eat them, and the fresh parsley with our clams over pasta dinner tonight tasted like spring.  Another load of soil is being dropped off, so that I can finish laying out the garden around the beehive by the bees arrival on Friday.  Even the wild apple tree we cleared around is putting forth a show of white blossoms.  We are clearly putting down roots in this home.

What's growing at your home?

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  1. Not much is growing here yet. Garlic has made an appearance and some chives, but that is it. At this moment it is snowing, so very lucky there isn't much else growing.

    We did put some early spring seeds in the ground last week and Reece keeps running out each day to see if they have grown yet, I keep telling him it will be a little while longer. And I keep telling myself soon the garden will explode...soon.


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