Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For Me

The most recent sewing project in the house has been for ME.  I was feeling the need for a few springy skirt that could be worn outside to do light work, and then look decent enough to go to the store.  I am very guilty of wearing clothes with holes, or paint, or frayed bottoms, and often run out of the house only to realize halfway to the store that the kids look great, and I look hmmm... not so great.  This pattern is from simplicity and I love the large pocket on either side - plenty of room to hold seed packets, keys, toys, or (as Dave said) small children.  In just wearing the skirt for one day, I managed to get wrinkles and a bit of dirt - that's what I call a perfectly broken in skirt.


  1. I love this skirt. I need to do the same for myself, and soon. I will have to look for this pattern.

  2. Thanks Kim - I think I'll make a smaller version for Hadley. When I make another for myself I may use a bit less fabric. It is very full, but I still like it!


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