Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Thanks (and a birthday)

There are a few days of the year, when we surround ourselves with family, share a meal, eat some sugar, and remember to be thankful for all those little wonders and moments that surround us.  This Easter I am thankful for:
  • The family who drove hours to spend the weekend with us, brought food, cut down a tree, and helped with the kids
  •  The perfect spring weekend (still cool enough to be spring, but with that lovely warm sunshine)
  • The lengthening days and the green shooting out from the trees and bushes
  • The asparagus soup we had for Easter dinner
  • The bee hive getting covered in boiled Linseed Oil in our kitchen as I write this
  • The seedlings just popping up by the window (yes those are ground cherries)
  • The large amount of dirty laundry upstairs (lots of dirty laundry = lots of outside fun!)
  • The baby moving around so rapidly these days, not crawling, but doing the worm
  • The increasing sounds outside: peepers, birds, bugs!
  • The mad dash to recover from the fun, pack our bags, and head South in just 2 days - here we come South Carolina.
  • Handmade Easter clothes - dresses and vest (THANKS MOM)
  • New parks and hikes near home
  • Easter birthdays  (I am pretty sure the kids are a wee bit confused with Mama's birthday on Christmas and Daddy's on Easter this year).
  • My guy! Happy Birthday Dave!
This man that I share my days with is so many things: a father, an athlete, a dreamer, a traveler, a doer, a sailor, and so much more.  So many nights he comes home to find chickens in the front yard, a crazy barking dog, two half naked 3 year olds, a frazzled Mama with dinner half cooked with a baby in her arms, and somehow he takes it all in stride, jumps right in, finds a way to laugh and smile and ask each person about their day.  He is where we all turn when we need a hug, an extra hour of sleep, a snuggle and a good book, or simply a smile.  He is the man I hope my son becomes.  Wishing Dave a coming year full - of everything!


  1. Oh my, that first pic is just beautiful!!!

    A busy, but fun filled weekend. Happy birthday to your hubby.

  2. That was beautiful what you wrote about your husband. You'll have to share it with him if you haven't already. (And Happy B-day to him!) Glad you had a wonderful Easter! Have fun in SC!!

    1. Thanks! and I did share it with him :) Have a wonderful week.


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