Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where are all those missing socks?

Somewhere floating around the blog world I had seen these nifty clothes pins, so a few days ago we decided to give them a go.  I am always on the look out for crafts that are purposeful that can be done by a 3 year old, and these fit the bill.  Using some old paper samples and a little glue, we attached the clothes pins to the paper.  Once the glue dried, we cut the paper to the correct size and voila - nifty little clothes pins.  There seems to be unlimited uses for these, from hanging things on the walls, to attaching a magnet and using them to hold artwork on the fridge, or in our case to fashionably holding the missing socks until their pairs are unearthed from under beds, behind doors, in pockets, or wherever else these things tend to hide.

Ah, simple and satisfying! 

Maybe this will help me keep better track of all those socks.

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