Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We seem to be off to a slow start this week (at least here in this space).  Somehow between a weekend of festivities in Boston and the lovely weather keeping us outside, there is very little time for this keyboard, and all the unpacking and house working that I should be doing.  But alas there is time for that all later.  For now, welcome spring, and thank you for this gift of warm weather that is getting our fingers and toes in the mud.


  1. I agree, we are loving spending time outside in this unusual but welcome weather. Happy spring!

  2. Spring has been lovely here too and I have found little time to catch up with my sweet blogging friends:)) It's raining here today so hopefully I will have a chance to see what everyone has been up to.

    LOVE this photo! What a perfectly lovely spring memory. ~ B


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