Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snowless No More

Finally we have snow!  By 8 am we all found ourselves tumbled outside in all our outdoor gear, shovels in hand.  Snowy days are such busy days. There's snow to shovel, angels to make, snowflakes to eat, sleds to ride, snowmen to build, chairs to snuggle in, books to read, hot coco to drink, and that just gets us started!

 Some of us clearly forgot which sports are normally done in the snow (or perhaps are just really hard core bikers).

There are a few who are not too sure about this snowfall, and we are left wondering how the newly migrated robins and other birds are faring.  None have ventured out yet to visit our feeders.

Our own birds seem a little concerned about this white stuff on the ground.

But the rest of us are loving getting outside for a little fun.  Now if I can only find a little Mama time to get out on some skis!

Thank you mother nature, we can now welcome spring with open arms!


  1. A snow day, yay!! Looks like you and your gang had a ton of fun!

  2. Gretchie, your blog is beautiful! I love seeing these pics. Miss you!


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