Monday, March 5, 2012

Indoor Snow

Oh my goodness, do we love the snow.  After an almost snow-free winter, we have been loving the 8 inches of snow we got last week.  We squeezed as many winter activities as we could into those few short days, and I realized that the white cold stuff brings out the best in people.  At the sled hill last week, there were kids carrying each others sleds, high schoolers building a GIANT snowman, Dad's and Mom's skipping work and playing with their kids (not just chatting while their kids played), and just a whole lot of wholesome, down to earth, moments to remember - fun. 

After umpteen trips up the sledding hill, lots of cold fingers and toes, and a darkening sky, we warmed up inside, lamenting the rain that was starting to fall.  To keep the fun going, I brought in a few bowls of snow, and got out a whole bunch of bowls and tools and let the building, melting and sculpting continue inside.  We made 'soup' and let our animals go sledding, measured, and observed melting first hand.  The best part of this activity, was that the only mess was simply water (which encouraged me to mop the floor).  Even the baby got to touch and play a bit with the ice.You could easily add on to this activity by giving some sort of colored die, or even paint, but we had plenty of fun without it, and the twins still can't resist eating the snow occasionally. 

This was a really a fun way to bring the outside inside and enjoy just a little more winter.  I wonder if I could freeze a small bag of snow and bring in out in June - hmmm - what a fun surprise that would be!


  1. It was quite a bit of fun, and easy to warm up the fingers.


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