Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Garden Musings: A Roundup

I've decided that I'm going to start sharing a periodic update on our gardening adventures.  We are growing gardeners, with much more enthusiasm then experience, so these posts are likely to contain a good deal of mistakes and a few successes.  I've seen several blog around the web that share their gardening updates as well and I hope to link up with some of them to share ideas.  Please feel free to share any of your own gardening posts here in the links. 

I suppose a good place to start is in giving a rundown of what we've done since we moved into our home a year ago.  Last year we put in an herb garden and 10 raised beds built from logs we cut down (see here), we also built a compost bin, and put in a 11 fruit trees (apple, pear, quince, and peach).  It was a good year (in that we got lots of goodies) but we also made plenty of errors (see Lessons Learned).  This year we have a few new beds put in, some new seeds ordered, and an ambitious plan.  In our recent warm spell, there has already been a rush of digging and compost moving.

The chickens have had the run of the garden for the last month or so, and we've just moved them to their own space to give their manure contributions a chance to break down.  Unfortunately, it must be time to cut the wing feather's again since 4 of the 5 chickens are spending most of their time flying out of their space.

This is a new garden space this year and is filled with dirt and compost ready for veggies in the lower bed, and a mix of veggies and flowers in the top bed (and ground cherries!).  Our soil is VERY clayey, so raised beds are the way to go.

Our herb garden in the center of it all, with my buddy hanging out in the center.

The children's garden is underway, and is where most of the work is occurring these days.  More to come on this area soon. 

The raspberry bed, the two beds of strawberries, and the asparagus are looking snug and ready to grow under their layers of straw.

And last we have our bee and butterfly garden.  Our bees will be arriving in a month or so, and will be housed in the back of this garden.  We're planning on putting mostly flowers here that will interest the bees and other bugs.  

Oh such a lot going on and such a lot to do!  I hope signs of spring are outside your homes too.


  1. Hooray! Gretchen, these pics are so inspiring! What a lot of garden to fill... you must have great helpers. Can't wait to see it all green! hugs to you all.

    1. There is a lot of garden to fill - we may be a bit overambitious. Hugs to you all too!

  2. Love what you are doing with your garden space, so much fun, can't wait to see how it grows through the season. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Kim - I'm a little worried about the amount of weeding that is going to need to take place.

  3. I absolutely love your garden and how you have made the most of the natural resources around you. Its truly beautiful. I look forward to seeing it filled with even more colour. Happy growing.


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