Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Garden Musing: Childrens Garden

Our children's' garden (or more correctly, F-H-F Land) is starting to take shape.  A few months ago (see here), we started dreaming of an outdoor space that would excite the imagination of our little ones; an area that would connect little hands to nature; and an area that was (almost) all their own.  It is such a fine line between making an area that is so structured that it subtracts from the children's natural enjoyment of the outdoors, and a place that invites exploration.  

As soon as the ground softened, our shovels were out.  Luckily we had most of our supplies right at hand: some already cut logs and branches, parts of an old gazebo, some twine, a bit of rope, and a pile of dirt.  At this point, Dave and I have done most of the hard work (I mean how long does a 3 year old stay interested in moving dirt - when it is more fun to climb in the pile), but the twins have each found a way to contribute and are very excited about planting in their garden.

So, come with us and let us show you.

First take a trip through the tunnel (soon to be covered in vines)

Step down the path and into the teepee (also to be covered in vines). Or visit the banging wall.

Take a moment to pause at each of the children's gardens.

And cross the balance beam.

Or if you're feeling adventurous, pass through the gnome fort, across the bridge, and onto the island.

Our little world here is full of magic.  I can't wait to see how this space changes and grows over the coming year.


  1. Such a lovely spot, I see a lot of fun and adventure happening there.

  2. I'm SO excited about this space. It is like transporting myself back to my own childhood of fort building.

  3. Are there follow up pictures of the vines?


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