Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yarn Along: Little Chickens

Today I'm joining the Yarn Along over at Small Things.

I have a new favorite book: Toymaking with Children by Freya Jaffke, it has such a lovely, Waldorfy approach to children's toys and is filled with easy simple ideas (although it looks like I may need to take up whittling).  It was a little surprise gift recently and came at the perfect mid-winter time when I was just looking for some new projects.  I've started making some of the ideas already including some of these little knit animals.  The book has patterns for several different barnyard animals, but of course I decided to start with the chickens, and I am currently working on a sow and some piglets.   It is also the perfect way to use up some of the yarn bits floating around my house. 

I've also been doing a lot of reading lately.  With such an unknown often busy schedule, I have been reading books that I've already read, so I can put them down and not get too caught up in the story.   My most recent re-read has been Gone With the Wind.  I am still amazed that the author leads the reader to sympathize with the South during the Civil War and a character as selfish as Scarlett O'Hara.  I'm now reading Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley.  At first I was disappointed with the different tone and the slightly different take on the characters, but as I've gotten into the story, and am liking this new Scarlett more and more. Oh and I'm finally learning to read and knit at the same time!


  1. Read and knit at the same, good for you! I am not there yet :)

    Love your knitte animals, adorable. I bet those little hands love them. I have heard good things about that book, will definitely have to check it out.

  2. I love the idea of using yarn scraps to make wee little animal toys! I must get that book.

  3. Cute chicks, thats a lovely pink for a piggy. I love Gone with the wind, and also had doubts about reading Scarlett but ended up really liking it too.
    As for reading and knitting at the same time!!! wow, any tips?

  4. Read and knit at the same time??? No way am I up to that level yet!

  5. Well - the knitting and reading at the same time is not pretty and takes longer for both, and only works for very repetitive knitting, but I like having my hands and mind busy at the same time.


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