Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weird Weather

The weather this winter is weird. 

Of course I miss the snows from last winter and am feeling sad that my skis are still sitting unused in the basement, (and with a background in climatology I am unhappy with boring high pressure systems and wary of warm winter weather) but there is something nice about 50 degrees in February. While we will go outside no matter what the weather, it is much easier to spend hours outside with three little ones when the weather is so warm!  But that said, things just seem a little upside down here lately.  

For example, our bossy chicken has decided to do a complete molt now (and not in the fall like normal chickens).  As a novice chicken owner, I was shocked a few days ago when I looked out the window and noticed many feathers missing from Fiona's head.  Within two days, she had lost all her head and neck feathers.  So tonight when the temperatures are supposed to drop to the low teens, the tough girl I am, captured the unfortunate creature and she is now spending a cozy night in the basement.

Seriously, that is one ugly chicken!


And then the dog.  Our tough 'bark at you like I am a big meany' dog, has started breaking into the chicken fence.  Not to eat the chickens or chase the chickens, but to nibble at their food, mark her territory, and simply hang with the girls.  Occasionally she assumes the play bow position and tries to entice the hens into a rousing game, but they haven't yet taken to the idea.  She still hasn't figured how to break out of the fence, so whenever I go out to check to make sure the chicken's water isn't frozen, there she sits. 

Today we took advantage of the mild winter and the mostly bare ground outside; we made mud cookies, played 'troll and gnomes', explored the cattails, and rambled in the woods.  Now I secretly hope that by saying these words out loud, I am setting us up for a nice big snowstorm.

 But until then, I will continue to say, the weather this winter sure is weird!

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