Thursday, February 9, 2012

Symmetrical Hearts

Today we made some symmetrical hearts from an idea I found over at NurtureStore.  The idea was very simple, and the kiddos LOVED it.  We used painting paper and cut out a lot of large hearts.  We covered one half in loads of colored paints, folded the hearts in half, pressed them, and enjoyed the patterns.  On top of just being plain old fun, this taught the kids the concept of 'half' and symmetry.'

And then we discovered that letters are symmetrical and of course had to make some.  These hearts will either find their into another garland, or into some envelopes for Valentines Day cards. 

And as always, our littlest one is looking on, already wanting to get in on the action.


  1. We love doing this in our home, but never thought to do it with hearts, great idea!!!

    Adding it to the list for next year's Valentine's crafts.

  2. I love this project, I am definitely going to do this with my daughter. Thank you!


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