Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Planning the Children's Garden

We've had the coughs and sniffles around here lately, oh and let's not forget a few earaches.  But amid lots of cups of tea we decided to get the seed catalogs back out and plan our children's garden for next spring.  The ideas for this space have been bouncing around in my head for a bit, and I finally sat down with pen and paper and tried to get some of those ideas out. I've also come across some fabulous ideas traveling around the internet and pinned some here.  I'm hoping to create a beautiful space with room for the children to garden and creeping flowers covering small secret hiding spots.  So far I'm planning a balance beam, a music/banging wall, a hobbit hole door, a pile of large natural building blocks, and a vine covered tunnel and teepee. 

With our plans taking shape, we headed out in the weird February warm and rain to scope the location.  Currently the only part standing is our 'gnome fort,' but there is plenty of space to let our imaginations run wild.

And small patches of beauty even under the overcast skies.

And a rainbow at the end of the day, which is just the thing that magic is made from.

Stay tuned to see how our plan takes shape.


  1. So exciting!! We started ours last summer, so much fun. We have a teepee, a set of wooden swings, some rocks for climbing, crawling, sitting on, a sandbox, a balance beam and a little garden. This year we are planning to add a banging wall too and I like the idea of some large natural building blocks - fun!

    Can't wait to see how yours takes shape, here's a peek at ours

    1. Thanks for sharing! I love the space you created, especially with the use of so much reclaimed material. It seems like the middle of the winter is the time to start thinking of these things, but it's so easy for me to get carried away during the winter months and plan more then I can handle.

  2. oh how wonderful..what a great space this is going to be. Please keep us posted


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