Monday, February 6, 2012

Living and Learning Writing Spaces

This weeks living and learning space is all about writing.  I made this writing center a few weeks ago and so far it's been a big hit in our home.  For three year olds, this center has plenty of letter practicing sheets and books, large writing paper, and empty books.  The center is hung next to our art area since my kids writing and thinking is so intricately linked with their artistic expression. 

In addition to the letter writing and books, the bottom two pockets hold addressed envelopes to encourage long distance correspondence and a wonderful little story activity.

I've been enjoying watching how Hadley and Finley have been interacting with these spaces.  So far they are using each of the spaces daily, and taking especial care of the materials.

Please feel free to share any spaces you may be creating in the comments, on the flickr group (Living and Learning Spaces for Children), or you can also follow me on Pinterest where I will share some of my favorite spaces that I stumble across.


  1. Love this writing center, such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing.


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