Monday, February 13, 2012

A few More Valentines


This weekend we made a few more Valentine's cards for some of our friends.  Each of the kids came up with their own style.  For Finley's cards, I found this idea over at Homemade Serenity.  Who knew that the bottom of celery makes a print like a flower?  He didn't want to stop making them.  We then used a single stalk to make a few green leaves on each card.

 Hadley's cards were made with watercolor paper, cut in hearts and dyed with blueberry dye.  It was so exciting to watch the dye turn from pink to purple to blue on each heart.  The dye was quite easy to make by simply boiling some water and frozen blueberries.  With the extra dye (and an extra dip in salt water) we made a few muslin cloths for playtime.  The blue color is truly lovely. 

I shared this at:
The Southern Institute

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  1. More great ideas, thanks. So cool that the celery makes a print that looks like a flower - who knew?


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