Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yarn Along

Today I'm joining the Yarn Along over at Small Things.
In the interest of keeping the holidays somewhat sane, I opted not to complete Hadley's dress to match Freja's. Alas I doubt that I'll have Hadley's dress done before Freja grows out of hers.  The dress is another  'Sadie's Dress' off the Etsy Store Trappings and Trinkets, and is still getting done slowly.  I also just completed a cowl for Finley (from Amanda Blake Soule's, The Rhythm of Family).   He's so excited to have something knit by Mama that I am going to make him something else soon.

 Ooohhh and on the book side of things, I'm reading the final book in the Wicked trilogy, A Lion Among Men.  Which I am really enjoying (as I do all of his books).  On the kids side of things, I am organizing all the kiddos books as part of my project of rethinking Living and Learning Spaces for Children project.


  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying A Lion Amoung Men. Wicked is one of my favorite books, I thought Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister was ok, but wasn't sure about this one. I am way behind in series.

  2. I have mirror mirror to read by him, but haven't started yet, and also a lion among men. I have a friend that buys books, reads them, and then gives them away, so i have a bit of a back log :-)

  3. Oh! You've reminded me of another book of his that I read not that long ago (stepsisters book). Loved that one. I will have to remember to put his books on my reading list again. Thanks! It's such a nice thing when your child appreciates a handmade gift from you. The cowl is so handsome and useful. He's so cute.

  4. I just love how you wrote that your son is excited to have something that you knit for him. How sweet! If only my daughter was the same way.

    Cute photo too. :)

    Cynthia @

  5. oh that Sadie's dress is adorable! Thanks for the link! Love the blue color of your cowl too! Happy knitting!!

  6. She reminds me a little elf out of one of Elsa Beskow's storybooks.

    p.s. - having lots of trouble posting on your site - I think blogger and typepad are having an argument. :) This comment is actually supposed to go with your this moment post, but after 15 tries, I thought I'd come here to comment. I'm trying it with my google account instead.


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