Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Just the other day, Dave and I were recounting all the 'time' we are supposed to schedule in our lives. Of course I want to be happy and healthy, and I want Dave to be happy and healthy, and I want each of our children to be happy and healthy, (not to mention our dog, our family and friends) but it does seem to take such a lot of specific time.  As we started thinking about this, I came up with the beginning of a list of all the time I'm supposed to take in our lives:

  • time to play with my kids
  • time to lead activities with my kids
  • time with each child independently
  • time for each child to play alone
  • time for the children to play together without me
  • time to get done the 'have to's' (i.e. laundry)
  • time to read together
  • time to model reading
  • time to do art and music together
  • time to model these activities
  • time alone for me
  • time for friends for me
  • time with Dave for me
  • time with the whole family
  • time to wind down before night
  • time to be silly
  • inside time
  • outside time
  • time with the baby
  • time to exercise
  • time to sleep
  • time to pursue my own interests
  • time to pursue the interests of each of my kids
  • time to read how to do all these things better
  • time to blog
  • etc...
My goodness, the list goes on and on and on.   Yikes!  Just reading the list makes me feel guilty.  When did being happy and healthy come with such a big to do list?  Won't my kids be OK even if they don't see me reading my own book each week? What are the things we really and truly need to make ourselves happy and healthy, and how do we know what those things are? Oh and how do we balance those things we need against all those other needs of all those other people in our lives?  Where is the time for simply being?  Being present, being conscious, being purposeful, being joyful.

Somehow we are born into a moment, and as babies that is the only time in the world. When I look into Freja's eyes, I still see those moments, that time, the time of just being, the joy of waking up next to the milk lady, or of sitting up on her own for the first time.

I think that if I can just start there, and live my life day to day in simple ways that bring joy to me and those around me, then perhaps I can throw out the big to do list of time (as much as I believe in the importance of all that time). 

Perhaps I can unlearn how to be happy and healthy, and simply be happy and healthy!


  1. Oh, yes, such a great post. I sometimes wish I didn't know time...can you imagine.

    My husband and I discussed the other day, planning a few days this summer and covering all the clocks in the house and just living as we feel. Looking forward to it and how it feels.

  2. Time.....where is the time for simply being, really where has it gone? It's something I am fighting to find and when I find it to then learn how to hold onto it. Great post!!

    Kim, I love the idea of covering the clocks, I may just have to do that:))

  3. I'm definitely going to cover the clocks some day. What a great idea.

  4. OMGoodness! I can not tell you enough how much I enjoyed this post. You put into words what I could not. I share many of the same thoughts that you wrote here, the list, the concept - perfection! Its so true - we are supposed to "make time" for all these things, but it puts so much unnecessary guilt and pressure on us.
    I was blessed by reading this and I will be sharing it... Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your comment and kind words. The thoughts from this post have been in my mind for a while. It feels so good to let go of that guilt just a little. So glad it spoke to you!

  5. Here it is... https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=300860359961515&id=353922876618


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