Monday, January 30, 2012

Living and Learning Reading Spaces

Books, books books!  They seem to be everywhere in our home. I love how simply rearranging the books, putting them in different places or in different combinations suddenly unearths an old favorite that is read over and over again.  In fact with three year olds, I am amazed at the interest in rereading a favorite book.  Recently I've arranged most of our books into themes baskets.  It makes it easy to shift the boxes from one place to another, and makes it so much easier for little hands to put away, and by changing the themes occasionally, you can read some of those books that have been forgotten about.  Our children books are scattered around the house. 

I love some of the ideas I've seen floating around the internet for creating reading places, nooks, tents, etc.  I've shared a few of my favorites on my Pinterest page.  Here in our home we are often found reading in our big green comfy chair, or in the kids bedroom in the huge chair.  The kids each have their own hidden little space to read (or look at pictures) just at the end of their beds, and I have grand plans for making these spaces into a pillow covered, tented nook, but that will have to wait. 

Please feel free to share any living and learning spaces you may be creating either in the comments, or on the flickr group (Living and Learning Spaces for Children).

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  1. I love the idea of theme baskets for the books, will definitely be using this one when my little guy is a little older.

    We, too, have books everywhere, we are constantly tripping over them, but I am perfectly okay with that. I am in the process of making some large comfy floor cushions to create a little reading nook for us. So looking forward to curling up with my little man and reading there.

    1. Large pillows is a great idea. We had them growing up and they were used daily not only for reading but also fort building.

  2. I like the organization of your shelves.


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