Monday, January 23, 2012

Living and Learning Music Spaces

It's Monday (or almost) and another day to explore living and learning spaces in our home!

Today I'm sharing our new Living and Learning Music Space!  Listening to, engaging with, making, enjoying and moving along to music is such an important part of our daily lives. We've slowly been building up our music instrument stash and decided to create a space in our living room where these instruments could be displayed and easily accessed (we still need a guitar stand). It's also the room in our house with the biggest floor space so we can get our groove on right here.  By putting this space in our living room away from their toys, I'm trying to encourage the kids to care for the instruments.  Dave recently took up playing the mandolin and we love to spend time enjoying music together as a family.  The twins have become really good at turning the keyboard on to the 'correct' volume and handling the guitar with love and care.  So far we've just played with the music, but soon we may begin giving guidance, and showing the kids some basic notes.

This summer I'm hoping to create a outdoor music wall.  I've found so many great ideas like the ones here and here and here.  Or you can see some other ideas on my Pinterest page.  Please feel free to share any living and learning spaces you may be creating either in the comments, or on the flickr group (Living and Learning Spaces for Children).


  1. oh how wonderful...what an incredible gift to those sweet, sweet babies.

    You do such a great job creating these lovely spaces in your home:))


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