Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let's bake bread!

Perhaps it is the cold weather outside, or the newly fallen snow, but there has been a lot of baking going on in this house in the last several days.  Sometime in the late afternoon each day I find myself asking the twins 'what should we do now?' and inevitably Finley will answer "let's bake bread."  In the last 4 days, we've baked several loaves of whole wheat bread, scones, croissants (holy cow there's a lot of butter in those things), focaccia, and dinner rolls.  The biggest problem with this is not the baking but the eating part.  I LOVE freshly baked goods and seem to be unable to control myself or the kids when warm, sweet smelling bread goodness is coming out of the oven.

Still there is something so rhythmic about baking bread each week (or currently each day): flipping through a worn book to choose just the perfect recipe, standing still for 10 whole minutes kneading the dough, knowing as we go about our day that the bread is rising, returning to the kitchen several times to punch or knead, or shape, all the time with of 2 little pairs of helping hands.  There is an earthiness to baking bread that I'm am still discovering.

Tonight (in addition to the focaccia) I convinced Hadley and Fin to make pasta with me.  The pasta machine was such a hit, that I am a little worried that tomorrow night the answer won't be 'let's bake bread,' but let's make pasta (which took significantly longer)!

Our next cooking project is going to be feeding our little one who is already sitting up and joining us at meals.  Not quite yet Freja.

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  1. We have been hauled up on our kitchen the last few days baking too - muffins, cookies and bagels. Lots of fun when little hands are helping.

    Everything looks so yummy!!!


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