Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Sewing

The sewing machine is out again.  The mid January rainy weather, lingering coughs, and a traveling Dad were all taking their toll on our moods here.  After moping about for a day, and eating too much chocolate, I decided the best remedy was to get into action and start doing.  It really didn't matter what, just something!  The result was this cute little dress/shirt for Freja.  Made from scrap pieces and this pattern, this dress took no time at all, and is the perfect comfy little play outfit.  I especially like it for Freja because it isn't too long and doesn't impede her movements like so many dresses for little ones.  I'm thinking of creating a larger version on this for Hadley and make up a couple little tops for summer playtime.  I love having lovely, comfy play clothes that I don't mind getting dirty.

Now if this dreary weather would only lift and let a little sun through the clouds, we might just be on our way back to normal.  Today I think I'll sink back into the pages of the seed catalogs and work on my sketches for the childrens' garden I'm planning.  Hmmm... more to come on that soon.

Happy sewing, chocolate eating, dreaming, working or whatever gives you pleasure in this late January weather.


  1. So, so sweet! oh, and have I mentioned I think she is ADORABLE!!

    1. Thanks! I'm trying to make things for her as fast as I can since I know it won't be long before we no longer have a 'baby' around.

  2. Lovely little dress! And I agree with Barefoot Mama, she is adorable!


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