Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Last week my Dad and my step-mother's dog Sadie (and in many ways our whole family's dog) passed away at 15 years old.  Her passing and the sorrow that comes with it has reminded me to appreciate our own often unsung hero, Toba.  Our crazy rescue dog that has so many of her own issues is our own everyday hero.  She has been wonderful with the children and has taught the kids how to respect an animal and feel compassion while also taking the responsibility of caring for an animal.  She is my companion, my watch dog, and my chicken guarder.

Today for the first time since the arrival of our hens (and their frequent escapes into her area) she chased a chicken.  As I watched her from the upstairs window and frantically attempted to get her attention, I realized that she had no interest at all in catching the chicken and was merely excited to have what she considered as a new playmate.  I'm not sure whether she was herding (she is part border collie) or whether she was just enjoying the run, but when she finally did look up and wagged her tail, the exhausted chicken quickly flew back into the coop. 

Hmmm... not the best habit to get into.

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