Thursday, January 26, 2012


Several months ago Finley began talking about his friend, his imaginary friend named Golshlaw (spelling uncertain).  We were slightly fascinated with this new friend who seemed to be around our home quite often.  Finley doesn't actually play with his friend, but he loves to talk about him, and correct you when you mispronounce his name.  We do know that Golshlaw's works near Daddy, is sometimes quite naughty, and that he often goes through some of the same feelings that Fin is feeling, for example he is often sick when Fin's feeling down.

The most interesting thing about Golshlaw is that Hadley (Finley's twin) seems to be in on the secret and is the only other one who personally knows Golshlaw and can truly pronounce his name correctly (they have literally been rolling on the floor laughing at us for mispronouncing his name).  Although he is Fin's friend, today Hadley started telling me what Golshlaw is up to.  It's as if by being Finley's twin, she has rights to his imaginary friend.  Totally fascinating if you ask me.

While Hadley and Finley seem closer then normal siblings, they have never been attached at the hip as some twins.  As a non-twin (or singleton- funny that I never knew I was a singleton until I had twins) I can only imagine how it feels to grow up and go through all the stages of life with another person at your side.  Sharing a bedroom, a birthday, and so many experiences.  For them that is just normal.  They are each others best friend and biggest competitor, and now they are sharing an imaginary friend!

I can't wait to see what happens next.

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