Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Doll Baby Carrier

With the new baby here, the twins are constantly looking for ways to help.  Lately they are diaper fetching, bread kneading, dish doing, floor sweeping, clothes folding, dog feeding little helpers. To support their current love of helping, and since Freja spends most of her time traveling around in a carrier or sling, I made them each a doll carrier to hold their own handmade dolls so they can be just like Mama and Daddy.   Today I'm sharing the carrier I made for Finley.  This carrier is similar to the Baby Bjorn, but much simpler without straps that cross in the back, and only a button.  After looking around the web for a design, I made up the design as I went, so the whole thing is pretty basic.  

I used buttons to connect the carrier to the straps.  This way you can fold down the carrier or leave it up depending on the size of the doll or animal. I am also hoping the buttons are good practice for little hands.  
You can change the dimensions based on your child's size and the favorite doll or the animal.  The carrier fits pretty well, but to make it more snug, you could cross the straps in the back. 

Here is a quick and dirty description of how I made the carrier:

To make the carrier, cut out two main pieces in roughly the shape and size above from different fabrics.  Next cut out two 6 inch wide strips for the straps.   The length of the straps depends on the size of your little one.  I initially made them 28 inches - which was way too long, you are probably better off starting with 25 inches and adjusting from there. Iron the straps in half and then iron down the edges an inch from each side and top stitch along the edge.  Sew the two main pieces good sides together, leaving a small opening.  Turn right side out, press and topstitch.  Attach the main piece to each strap.  Add button holes to the main piece and buttons to the straps (you could also use snaps or velcro).

Voila, a simple doll carrier.  Stay tuned for Hadley's doll sling tomorrow.

Finley could barely stay still long enough to capture this photo!

Update: if I made this again, I would make the straps cross in the back!

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  1. So cute! My little guy has one but it's dark purple:))) I should probably make him one like this:)


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