Thursday, December 22, 2011

This Table of Ours

This table of ours is a busy place.  It is the center of our home and is where we come together every evening to discuss our days.  It is also where we spend so many of our daytime hours (is it too late to ask for a crafting room for Christmas?).  Yesterday the table was a revolving door, covered in fabric, flour, Christmas greens, flour again, paint, and large rounds of wood.  What was not on our table last night was the solstice eve meal I prepared.  Alas the chicken stew with dumplings ended up all over the kitchen floor amid shaddered bits of a ceramic pot.  Although we are not quite at the point where I can laugh about it, it does seem a bit funny in today's morning light.  Luckily Hadley and Finley consoled Mama by telling me: "it's ok" "next time you should be more careful" "don't worry about ruining our special dinner" and "this is the best soup ever" (said of the chunks of chicken I rescued off the top of the oven door).

Lucky for me there are more days to celebrate ahead of us.

1 comment:

  1. I'm just impressed that you can see your kitchen table in this photo..way to go! Mine is a mountain of ......... at the moment:))))

    "if you'll laugh about it 20yrs from now, why not laugh about it now" -unknown :)) Love that quote! ~ Barefoot mama


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