Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gnomes are Everywhere

Gnomes were on the handmade gift list this year.  With a few peg people, some Mod Podge, some pieces of wood from our backyard, and some felt, we had a whole gnome house.  The top level on the house above is not attached so the kids can move and change the house.  I'm not sure whether I had more fun building this, or whether the kids are having more fun playing with it.  The play has continued in the backyard with the gnome hats my mother made for my kiddos and a real size gnome house built of fallen sticks in the woods.

There is magic here and everywhere.

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  1. oh my precious!! LOVE the little boat:))) ~ B

  2. Did you seal the wood rounds with something? I'm looking to make some to use at a baby (under serving platters).


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