Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas for the Birds

Yesterday's advent activity was making some goodies for the birds to enjoy.  We have a tree right outside one of our windows where we keep a bird feeder and some suet.  With a few pine cones, some peanut butter and bird seed, we started decorating.  It was addictive, and pretty soon we were searching for anything we could find to dip in peanut butter and roll in seed, including plain old sticks, or as we like to call them, bird seed icicles.

Watching the birds on this tree is one of our favorite activities.  The twins can identify more birds then I can, but with a field guide nearby, we're all learning new kinds whenever we can.  There is something calming to sitting at a window and watching the birds flitter to and fro taking turns and communicating in their own special language.  Each bird has its own mannerisms that set it apart.  Sharing the holidays with our animal friends is such a wonderful way to teach our little ones the joy of nature and the compassion of caring and giving to others.

And even in December it feels good to put your toes in the earth!

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