Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yarn Along: Finished Dress

 I'm cheating a bit this week and posting a few pictures for this weeks yarn along.  I finally finished Freja's little dress.  I've posted several times about this dress, and am so excited for how it turned out and how nicely it fits.  The color truly is a perfect color it is for the whole holiday season and can be layered in a number of ways.  The dress is 'Sadie's Dress' off the Etsy Store Trappings and Trinkets, and the yarn is Quince & Co "Tern" Yarn in Sea Grass. As soon as this dress was off the needles, I cast on a larger size with the hope of finishing Hadley's 'Sadie Dress' in Paton's Leaf Green for the holidays.  Finley keeps talking about the knit project I'm making for him - hmmmmm I better get going!

I'm halfway through Stieg Larsson's final book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  I am enjoying the book, but am looking forward to finishing up the trilogy and getting started on something new.  With the holiday's coming up, my reading time seems to get cut down, but I'm sure I can squeeze in some time.

Joining the Yarn Along over at Small Things 


  1. So sweet! I bet she will wear this again and again!

  2. Freja is one well-dressed young lady! So sweet and precious. I've yet to read that series but plan to some day... too many books, too little time, too many knitting projects and even less time!

  3. Oh so beautiful, dress and your lovely family!


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