Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yarn Along: Another Green Dress

I am quickly trying to knit up this dress for Hadley to match Freja's little dress in time for the holidays.  I was hoping to get to a vest for Finley, but that is going to have to wait for the time being.  This dress is another  'Sadie's Dress' off the Etsy Store Trappings and Trinkets.  It feels good to put what I learned making the last dress to work again on this dress.

This week I'm reading Instinctive Parenting  by Ada Calhoun.  It is a little different take from some of the other parenting books I've read.  The biggest take home point is that so often we read books that support what we already think and believe, when we really should be reading books that offer different opinions.  Getting a good dose of the devil's advocate is always good and pushes us to either defend our point of view, or change it.

Joining the Yarn Along over at Small Things 

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  1. Frejas dress is so sweet, can't wait to see the next one completed. I hope my knitting skills will improve to that level this year. Thanks for sharing. Tricia @ CrunchyCatholicMomma.blogspot


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