Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shine Lantern

 It is that time of year when the cold nights and long hours of darkness again draw us more and more into our homes, to sit by our hearths and snuggle next to those big and little bodies we love.  During this week of Thanksgiving, we created our own lanterns to symbol bringing light into our lives. The 5 lanterns lighting up our dinner were truly magical, and brought a sense of importance and magic to our meal.  There are so many wonderful and creative ideas for making lanterns online, but these lanterns were very easy to make.

 First we use watercolors to paint a plain piece of white paper.  When the paper dried we cut several shapes into the paper, and glued tissue paper on the back to show through the shapes.

Next we wrapped the paper around a glass jar and taped the edges together. Finally we put small candles in each lanterns. Note: although we did not have a problem, depending on the candle and jar size, the paper may become hot and possibly ignite, so just be on the lookout!

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