Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One minute

Today (and yesterday) Amanda over at Soule Mama blogged about finding those rare 10 minutes in your day to be mindful, to pause, and to savor.  Today I didn't quite make it to 10 solid minutes, but her words stuck with me and as I juggled the activities of the day, and I did find myself feeling more mindful of the little minutes, so today I strung my 10 minutes throughout the day, ten fleeting moments where I let life freeze, I took a deep breathe and simply lived.  Today I spent:
  • One minute sipping my coffee and just breathing before the flurry of the day
  • One minute tiptoeing barefoot through the garden thinking ahead to spring
  • One minute sewing on the final button on my babies new dress
  • One minute watching that sweet baby sleep (in her new dress!!)
  • One minute tossing the baseball to our little Red Sox Fan
  • One minute catching leaves as they fell to the earth
  • One minute jumping in the leaf pile
  • One minute scratching the warm soft ears of our dog
  • One minute sitting downstairs thinking that maybe in a few minute I should go tackle that pile of laundry upstairs (and never actually doing it)
  • One minute painting a fairy castle - in pink and purple of course!

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