Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little Corners

It is so important to me that my children have easy access to quality art supplies.  This little corner of our home in the dining room is always set up with rotating art supplies.  The table itself is perfect kid height with two small toddler sized chairs that invite little ones to make themselves at home.  I always keep colored pencils and our family art journals on the table, but we also try to keep our newest, hottest, or favorite art supplies out (currently we have some play dough out - care of the pumpkin fairy, but we also rotate through stamps, crayons, coloring books, etc).

I find that the kids often make their way to the table when they are searching for some quiet time.  So much of our project time is spent at our big table with lots of supplies and plenty of noise, and this little space serves as a more reflective corner.  As hard as it sometimes is, I let the kids create their own artwork at this table,  and try not to intervene so that the table remains their space and does not get taken over by a Mama directed art project.  Now I need to carve out a corner for Mama!

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