Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Changing Leaves

The leaves outside our home are gorgeous: reds yellow, crimsons, greens, and every shade of brown.  Today we embarked on an Outdoor Hour Challenge from the blog Handbook of Nature.  We've partially done several of these challenges, including a spider web exploration that I will try to share soon.  We love walking, biking, and exploring the outdoors, but these challenges give a little focus to our outings and enrich the time we spend observing the world.  Today we explored the outdoors by looking at the changing color of the leaves and of course collecting our favorites, and then I came across this fabulous idea at Clover Lane for waxing leaves.

To wax the leaves, you simply melt a little paraffin wax (available at the grocery store - careful, the wax is HOT).

Dip the leaves in the wax, and let air dry for a moment before laying them on wax paper.

When the leaves dried, we used a needle and thread to make a simple garland for the windows.

All this was magically accomplished while the baby slept.

The sun made the leaves in the window come alive, and the leaves hanging from the light, together with the felted acorns made the perfect hanging centerpiece.  Even the baby stared at this gently moving mobile over the table during dinner.  Just one more homemade mobile to keep this little one happy!

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  1. These are great! I've been wanting to try this out. Thanks for linking up to All year Round Autumn Carnival!

  2. I featured your waxed leaves on my blog this morning. Thanks for linking up to the All Year Round Blog Carnival: Fall!

    BTW-- sweet baby!


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