Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Keep the Music Going

Music is such a fundamental part of all our days.  Both Dave and myself have dabbled in different forms of music, played different instruments, and enjoyed a wide variety of musical styles, but neither of us are what I would call musical.  Yet, we both feel that music deserves a place in our lives and the lives of our children, and we are constantly seeking new ways to encourage our childrens' interest in music.  Throughout most of the day we listen to music in our home: kids tunes, lullabies, classical, hip-hop, country, etc.  There is often dancing, finger plays, playing along, and occasionally tears when a song is deemed sad.  Movement is an integral part to the music, especially for three year olds who seem to hear the music through their entire bodies. 

More important than listening to music is experiencing music and making music.  As young kiddos, we did a music class, but now in NY, we are making our own music.  Dave is currently learning the mandolin and the kiddos LOVE when he gets it out and let's them play, and this weekend we witnessed how a little jam session can truly bring joy to our kids lives. 

Somehow making, listening, and sharing music makes it that much easier to live in the moment.

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