Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just Their Size

This is not a new addition to our home, but I appreciate it more everyday.  Dave made this shoe and coat holder for the kids last year, and I painted it.  We are constantly making an effort to kid size as many things as possible in our home, to allow the kids to move and feel comfortable in their own surroundings.  I love this, not only because it is their size, but also because it helps house their clutter right when you walk in the door.  Our home lacks an entryway, so this is the next best option.  Just another way to encourage independence and create order.

I chose not to tidy up before I shot some photos to show that even when it is cluttered and full of stuff, it still looks decent.  My favorite aspect is the chalkboard paint on the side that allows for little messages and is a constantly changing work of art.

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