Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Both Hadley and Finley have shown an interest in shapes over the last several weeks.  Everywhere we go, they are pointing out 'octagons' (stop signs), squares, rectangles, etc.  We started these shape books a few weeks ago, and are finally revisiting them. 

We first made the books by sewing a seam up the center of several pieces of construction paper.

Each time we work on the books, we add a new shape on a new page.  Today we worked on diamonds.  We talked about where we find diamonds in the world.  We practiced drawing and tracing diamonds and cut out some diamonds to make a picture. 

While Hadley worked on her book, Finley asked me to draw a picture of us, and some diamonds so he could connect the kites to the people.

Next we used tape to make a large diamond on the floor so they could walk the shape.  We spent a bit of time being quite silly, jumping in and out of the diamond, running, walking on tippy toes, etc.

Finally, we finished by listening and watching the Paul Simon video clip of Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.  The video was filmed in Zimbabwe and has some great dancing, which we joined in on.  Each time we heard the word 'diamond' we did an extra special little jump!

Yay for shapes!

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