Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Preserving Herbs

It's time to start preserving some of our herbs!

So it turns out I planted too much basil.  Until this year, I didn't think it was possible to plant too much basil, but alas I've proven myself wrong.  I couldn't bring myself to thin the basil, so I transplanted the basil into gardens all around  the house - thus the overabundance.  We've already made and frozen several batches of pesto, but yesterday it was time to make a serious dent in the basil before it starts to die (we still have LOTS more basil standing - this photo was taken after I harvested the basil in the photo above).  In addition to the basil, we have lots of other herbs, most notably, parsley.

We started off in the garden with the harvest.  

Being our first year in our home with a substantial garden, this is also my first year preserving herbs.  Since I'm not sure what form will be best for our cooking practices, I decided to save the food in as many forms as possible.

I hung some basil and parsley in bunches to dry in the kitchen.  I pureed some basil with water and froze it in ice cube trays.  I chopped basil and parsley (both well chopped and slightly chopped), added water and froze it into ice cubes.  I put parsley in bags and froze it into logs as shown in this article.  And still we have more basil and more parsley. 

How do you preserve your herbs?

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