Monday, September 26, 2011

One Month Old

Today is September 26th, which means that Freja is officially 1 month old.  I can't believe it has been a month since this little lady entered our lives!  It has flown by as we have each adjusted in so many ways to our new schedules and our new roles as big brother, big sister, and mom and dad to three. 

There is a joy in watching your older children fall in love with a new baby that defies explanation.  Hadley and Finley have surpassed my expectations in their gentleness and love, and especially their understanding of all those times when I have to say "not now, Freja's hungry," or "just a few minutes, Freja needs me."  They can't pass Freja without a quick kiss on the head or smile, and as a reward, Freja is flashing them some of her new found smiles.

There is so much conflicting parenting advice available, so many decision we make as parents, whether it is our first or our third child, it is sometimes hard to feel confident in our role as Moms and Dads.  As we struggle through breastfeeding issues in Freja's first month, and we juggle conflicting advice from friends, family and doctors, and as we brainstorm about how we teach, how our children learn best, and how to adjust to our new preschool, we are reminded that no one knows our children as well as we do, and if we listen and watch our children, they almost always tell us what they need. 

Thank you Freja for all you've taught us (and thank you in advance for all the lessons yet to come).  Happy one month birthday baby girl!

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