Thursday, September 29, 2011

A few activities: Rain and the Water Cycle

Last week we decided to embrace the seemingly endless rain and talk about the water cycle.  We read several stories about rain and sang every song we could think of with the word rain, then I set up 4 different water trays to practice our pouring, dumping, scooping, spooning, and measuring.  I often set up water play for the kiddos with random scoopers and bowls, but this was a bit more focused with a specific point of each tray.  The first tray had a water pitcher with an ice cube tray and a dumping bowl.

This tray simply had two bowls and a ladle.

The measuring tray with a few kitchen measuring instruments

 A 'tea' tray with a tea pot and some tea cups.  They loved these trays and spent several hours throughout the day working with them.  Part way through the day I introduced a clean sponge to help clean up any spills.  BIG HIT!

Next we made some patterns using colored rain drops.

For the final activity, we made terrariums from things we found in the backyard.  We used used jars we had around the house, and filled them with dirt, moss, mushrooms, small plants, and of course a bit of water.  These have been fun to watch over the last few days, and Hadley and Fin are very proud of there water cycles.

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