Thursday, September 15, 2011



At 7:45 this morning, I found myself standing in the driveway in my bare feet, wearing my pajamas, nursing the baby, while my breakfast was somewhere in the kitchen, and my coffee was getting cold on the counter.  Somewhere through my haze of sleepiness, I could hear my voice suggesting (via several different methods) to Hadley and Finley that we go back inside. 

After several minutes, I  took a deep breath of early autumn air, adjusted the sleepy baby, and decided to take in the day.

As I stood there watching the twins collecting the first fall leaves in their wagon, I could feel autumn creeping in.  Leaves were softly falling in the light wind, the colors in the trees were just beginning to turn, and the morning glories growing up the front of the house were blooming in full force.  Just at that moment, the baby flashed one of her newly discovered smiles, and the twins laughed at the falling leaves, and I remembered why fall is my favorite time of year.   

Thirty minutes later we came inside, just seconds before the first raindrops fell. Now as I watch the rain pouring down, I am thankful to Hadley and Finley for the early morning awakening; bare feet, cold coffee, and all.

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