Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yarn Along

This little sweater is coming along oh so slowly.  With summer in full swing, gardens to be tended, birthday's to celebrate, berries to pick, and a new baby arriving any day, knitting seems to happen in short little bursts.  This little sweater (Zane's Coming Home Sweater) comes from One Skein Wonders, and may be the first sweater I've completed.  My knitting basket is full of partially finished sweaters and large projects, but this little sweater seems doable (excepting that it is most definitely going to take more than one skein to complete)!

This weeks read is Self-sufficiency for the 21st Century by Dick and James Strawbridge.  I'm loving the photos and inspiration for more projects.  The book covers so much that it can only give an overview but is a good reminder of all the things we could be doing.  I try not to get too caught up in all the things we're not doing, and remind myself that every step we make in the right direction is a right step.

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  1. My yarn along entry is for the Squash Baby hat in this book. It was so fun, as a new knitter, to visit the local yarn shop and pick out yarn for various projects in the book. Since each one only takes a skein, it means a lot of fun variety while learning to knit. When I get caught up in thinking about all the many, many things I am not doing, I sometimes can catch myself and remember to focus on the current moment, because that's all we really have, so why waste it? It really helps!

  2. oh that looks like a good book! And your sweater is sweet! Happy knitting!!

  3. I keep looking at that One Skein Wonders book -- I have a lot of yarn in my stash that I just have one skein of an keep trying to think of creative ways to use it up. I might have to check the book out of the library and see if I can find some inspiration. Good luck finishing your sweater! -- Kathy at


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