Monday, August 22, 2011

A Quick Little Toy

I'm kind of excited about this little activity I put together this weekend.  The idea came from the paint section of the hardware store and from a toy I remember from my babysitting days.  I simply made a drawing on a piece of plexiglass I had around from an old picture frame, next I painted the negative space around the picture.  I put this on top of a piece of wood with some large staples to keep the plexiglass in place when you layed it down.  Finally, I cut up some fabric scraps of different colors.  The simple idea is that by laying down the fabric on the wood, you can create your own colors for the picture.  My plan is to make several different pictures on plexiglass, but we'll see how much use the activity gets before I get back to work - so far it has gotten plenty of attention.

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